August 25, 2014 ~ Doom Level of the Day : Under Neith

Author: Sarge Baldy Game: Ultimate Doom Port: Limit- Removing Released: January 24 / 2005

Intro: Here is the first Level Of The Day addition. I originally played this map when Sarge first released it back in 2005.  The level has some very dark areas and the first screenshot (see below) I had to lighten up a bit. If you’re going to play this map, I would suggest trying ZDoom or GZDoom.

Comments: This map is pretty fun and has a lots of nice details and includes interesting architecture and texture use.. I like how Sarge Baldy created broken brick walls in spots with nicely aligned textures. The ammo is pretty tight and I ended up using the chainsaw to conserve a few rounds. I found all the secrets and the plasma gun secret was a small challenge to uncover. Fun map!

Author Sayeth: “The theme kind of goes all over the place. I spent over a year on this map so maybe it isn’t all that consistent. It’s kind of an experimental design, and maybe it’s ugly. I’ve spent too long looking at it to tell anymore.”


Downloads: The download for the map is on /idgames.